The late Sardar Bhag Singh ji established the Rahat (water Wheel or Persian wheel) company in 1970 with the goal of enhancing farming on India's vast agricultural land through the manufacturing of the Rahat (water wheel or Persian wheel). This helped to make the farmer's laborious task much easier and saved time, allowing the farmer to save his hard work. could distribute grain throughout India.

The late Sardar Bhag Singh's daughter-in-law, Mrs. Satnam Kaur, has started a new company titled SATNAAM EXIM INDIA, which is exporting agricultural products like rice, pulses, grains, cereals, and additional commodities from its merchant export facilities in the digital age when food grain production is extremely limited around the globe, but food grains continue to be a necessity.

All kinds of agricultural products are exported by this business, which was founded in 2023, to other nations. All varieties of basmati and non-basmati rice, as well as different kinds of grains, cereals, etc., are exported in both small and large amounts.

Our goal is to provide grains from India to every country, large or little, through our company, to maximize benefits for all nations by the year 2023. To do this, we must empower the biggest quantity of agricultural practitioners appropriate.