Rice and Its Varieties

Rice is a staple food in India and plays a significant role in the country's culture, economy, and cuisine. India boasts a rich variety of rice, with numerous types cultivated across different regions. Some popular varieties include Basmati, Sona Masoori, Pusa, Swarna, etc

    1. Basmati Rice:

  • Basmati is a premium long-grain variety known for its aroma and distinct taste. It is primarily grown in the states of Punjab, Haryana, and UJar Pradesh. Basmati rice from India is highly valued in domestic and international markets.
  • 2. Sona Masoori:

  • Sona Masoori is a medium-grain rice popular in South India. It is light and aromatic, making it suitable for various dishes such as biryanis and pulavs.
  • 3. Parboiled Rice:

  • Parboiled rice is a unique type where the paddy undergoes a steaming process before milling. This process helps retain essential nutrients and makes the rice less sticky when cooked.
  • 4. IR 64 rice:

  • IR 64 also known as IR-8 or "Improved Rice 8," is a mediumgrain variety of rice. is a non-basmati rice variety with long, slender grains. has a moderate aroma and a fluffy texture when cooked.
  • 5. Sella rice:

  • known as parboiled Basmati rice, is a variety of rice that combines the characteristics of parboiled rice and Basmati rice. It is produced by parboiling the paddy rice before removing the husk. Sella rice retains the long, slender grains of Basma= rice and has a distinctive aroma and taste.
  • 6. PR 11/14 Rice:

  • PR 11/14 or Parmal are long grain premium Non-Basmati Rice, grown in the Punjab, Haryana and UJar Pradesh region of India. The PR11/14 rice is non-sticky rice, known for its freshness in taste
  • 7. 100% Broken Rice:

  • As the name suggests this rice grade belongs 100% broken rice either Basmati or Non-Basmati rice. Due to its economical pricing it is most preferred in third world countries.