Cereals and Its Varieties

India is known for its rich agricultural resources and has been a major exporter of cereals for many years. Cereals are one of the key components of the Indian agricultural sector, and their export plays a vital role in the economy. The export of cereals from India includes various categories, each with its characteris?cs and demand in the interna?onal market. Let's explore some of the major cereal exports from India and their categories:

    1. Wheat:

  • India has emerged as a significant exporter of wheat in recent years. The export of wheat primarily includes durum wheat, which is high in protein content and used for making pasta, couscous, and other wheatbased products. We export wheat to countries like Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and the UAE, where it is a staple food.
  • 2. Maize:

  • Maize, also known as corn, is another major cereal exported from India. It is primarily u?lized as animal feed and in the produc?on of industrial products such as corn starch, corn oil, and ethanol. Maize is exported to various countries, including Vietnam, Thailand, and Malaysia.
  • 3. Barley:

  • exports barley, which has a high nutri?onal value and is used as a food grain, animal feed, and in the brewing industry. Barley exports from India cater to countries in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.
  • 4. Millets:

  • India is the leading producer of millets, which are small-seeded, cereal crops with high nutri?onal value. Millets like sorghum, finger millet, and pearl millet are exported mainly to African countries, where they are used as staple food and animal feed.

Apart from these major cereals, India also exports other minor cereals like oats, rye, and buckwheat in smaller quantities.